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Police Recruitment : Job Details

Special Investigator I

Police Force:Office of the State Treasurer and Receiver General
Location:ABCC, 239 Causeway St, Boston
Salary:$57,933.00 to $57,933.00 Annually

Special Investigator I

Special Investigator I
Agency Name:Office of the State Treasurer and Receiver General
Official Title:Special Investigator I
Functional Title:Special Investigator I
Occupational Group:Other
Position Type:Not Given
Full-Time or Part-Time:Full-Time
Salary Range:$57,933.00 to $57,933.00 Annually
Bargaining Unit:5
Number Of Vacancies:1
Facility Location:ABCC, 239 Causeway St, Boston
Application Deadline:06-11-2014
Apply Online:No
Posting ID:J41801

The Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission is an agency under the Office of the State Treasurer and Receiver General. The agency?s overall objective to provide uniform control over the sale, purchase, transportation, manufacture, consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages in the state.

The Investigator will enforce or cause to be enforced the penalties provided by law against every person who is guilty of a violation of chapter 138 or commission regulations of which they can obtain reasonable proof, and make all necessary and appropriate investigations for that purpose pursuant to MGL Chapter 10 §72, and to perform related work as required.

He/She will be responsible for:
? Investigation of assigned license applications consisting of but not limited to new licenses, license transfers, manager changes, license pledges, change of licensed location, alteration of licensed premises.
? Investigation of licensed premises engaged in the manufacture, sale, transportation, exportation, importation, or storage of alcoholic beverages to determine compliance with governing laws, rules and regulations.
? Enforcement of Laws and Regulations of MGL Chapter 138, 204CMR and related laws, and implementation of all necessary investigations required in such enforcement, including but not limited to: obtaining evidence; observing, interviewing, and or interrogating suspects and witnesses.
? Reporting of investigation results to be presented to the commission and other reports as required.
? Prosecution of alleged violation of Laws and Regulations of MGL Chapter 138, 204CMR and related laws before the commission.
? Execution of special powers of arrest with search and seizure authority to enforce the penalties provided against any person or entity, both in and outside the legal liquor industry, who violate the Liquor Control Act and or related laws.
? Execution of assigned Enforcement Division activities as assigned by the Chief Investigator.
? Coordination of joint investigations with local, state and federal law enforcement officials.
? Maintenance of working relationships with: municipal officials, community groups, agency personnel, members of the alcoholic beverage industry and the general public. This may require speaking before such entities as a representative of the agency.
? To gather information in accordance with established procedures through observance and questioning of individuals, the examination of records and documents and the investigation of licensed premises.
? To accurately report information in the proper established format.
? To conduct specialized testing through the administration of Alcohol test kits
? To conduct specialized testing through the utilization of issued BAC equipment.
? To testify at hearings before the Commission, local licensing authorities and the courts, examines and cross-examines witness with regard to alleged violation.
? To perform related duties such as maintaining files and records, meeting with local government officials and community groups.


? Two years investigatory or law enforcement work or the equivalent combination OR a Bachelor?s or higher degree. (Education towards such degree will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.)
? Possession of a current and valid Massachusetts Class D Motor Vehicle Operators License
? Ability to gather information in accordance with established procedures, through the examination of records and documents and through on sight observations.
? Ability to apply and explain the applicable provisions of law, rules and regulations.
? Ability to accurately report information in the proper established format, to analyze and determine the applicability of data, to draw conclusions and make appropriate recommendations.
? Ability to adjust to changing situations, to make decisions and to act quickly and properly in dangerous or emergency situations.
? Ability to complete assigned police/sheriff academy training in basic law enforcement duties, including but not limited to: legal issues, first aid, CPR, interpersonal communication, control and restrain, use of force, firearms safety, handling and qualification.
? Ability to work independently and to adhere to the Investigation and Enforcement Division Policy and Procedure Manual.
? Ability to properly prepare and present a report of alleged violation of law before the Commission or Local Licensing Authorities.
? Ability to testify, examine and cross-examine witnesses before the Commission.
? Ability to follow written and oral instructions, to communicate effectively and to execute assigned Division duties in a timely manner.
? Ability to maintain proper working relationships with agency personnel, local, state and federal officials, members of the alcoholic beverage industry, and the general public.
? Ability to prepare and maintain accurate records.
? Ability to write clearly and concisely, and to effectively utilize the agency?s computer and other systems
? Ability to communicate effectively in oral expression.
? Ability to exercise discretion in the handling of confidential information.
? Ability to walk and or stand for prolonged periods of time.

? Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 10 §72, each person appointed as an investigator shall complete a basic reserve police officer course through the criminal justice training council and shall attend a basic training course conducted by the commission
? Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 10 §72, all investigators shall attend an in-service training course
? Knowledge of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 138, commission regulations, rules, policies, procedures and specifications, standards and guidelines governing Division activities.
? Knowledge of agency forms, license tracking system and procedures.
? Knowledge of the types and characteristics of alcoholic beverages.

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Job ID:34830


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