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Police Recruitment : Job Details

Communications Dispatcher

Police Force:Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, Massach
Location:400 Worcester Rd., Framingham, MA 01702
Salary:$42,435.12 to $57,789.16 Annually

Communications Dispatcher

Law Enforcement Dispatcher III
Agency Name:Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
Official Title:Law Enforcement Dispatcher III
Functional Title:Communications Dispatcher
Occupational Group:Clerical
Position Type:Civil Service
Full-Time or Part-Time:Full-Time
Salary Range:$42,435.12 to $57,789.16 Annually
Bargaining Unit:02
Number Of Vacancies:1
Facility Location:400 Worcester Rd., Framingham, MA 01702
Application Deadline:01-22-2014
Apply Online:Yes
Posting ID:J39074

This position is funded from the Commonwealth's annual operating budget.

General Statement of Duties:

This position is designated as an Emergency Personnel position. Due to the critical nature of these job functions, this position will be required to report to his/her assigned work site as scheduled, regardless of an emergency situation that may otherwise affect staffing of other state offices.

The Communications Dispatcher is responsible for a wide range of duties, including answering telephones, communicating by radio and other means with MEMA staff and other agencies including but not limited to DCR and DEP, maintaining situational awareness, providing timely information on emergency events and incidents to MEMA staff, other agencies, local emergency management directors and others. The position requires good oral communication skills, good writing skills, ability to multi-task and work under pressure. This person will serve as the emergency point of contact for the agency when dealing with a range of emergency situations and will be responsible for answering phones, operating two way radios, monitoring public safety radio frequencies and the media and will follow protocols for providing emergency notifications and handling emergency and routine agency communications. The dispatcher will utilize various equipment for emergency and non-emergency notification and response for various emergencies and events, including but not limited to weather-related emergencies, hazardous material (hazmat) incidents, nuclear power plant incidents, mass casualty and mass fatality incidents, and other emergency and disaster related situations. Communications Dispatchers are responsible for maintaining and updating the MEMA electronic duty log and utilizing various computer databases and communications systems. Dispatchers are required to be available to work days, nights, weekends and holidays to ensure twenty-four hour coverage. Perform other related work as assigned or needed.

Detailed Statement of Duties:

- Responsible to provide dispatch coverage during nights, weekends and holidays in addition to regularly scheduled workweek to ensure twenty-four hour and seven days per week coverage, and also required to report to work during emergency incidents or events.

- Use 2-way radios and other communication systems meeting Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations and guidelines.

- Receive alerts and notify proper personnel of Nuclear Power Plant incidents (Seabrook, Pilgrim and Vermont Yankee).

- Operate the Emergency Alert Systems, siren controls and radios for Nuclear Power Plants as needed or required.

- Monitor and receive alerts and make required notifications of various incidents in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and surrounding states including but not limited to severe weather, hazmat incidents, large fires, missing persons, terrorist incidents, etc. Receive alerts and notify all New England states of seismic activity (earthquakes).

- Monitor local, state and federal radio frequencies to receive, evaluate and forward information for reportable incidents and respond on those systems as needed or required. Provide dispatch/notification services for other governmental units and agencies including but not limited to DCR, DEP, and others as needed or directed.

- Implement and coordinate requests for support from MEMA?s Operations Division.

- Coordinate statewide alerting activities utilizing the Federal National Warning Systems (NAWAS).

- Use the Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) for weather events and administrative communication to and from public safety organizations, following all proper CJIS regulations.

- Receive requests from communities including but not limited to requests for Department of Fire Services (DFS); Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Spill Response; Department of Public Health (DPH) emergency calls; Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), and Department of Public Safety emergency calls, and follow notification and logging procedures.

- Receive requests to activate the Statewide Fire Department Task Forces, follow implementation procedures and notify appropriate personnel.

- Implement the Fire & Ambulance Mobilization Tracking System (FAMTRAC) during Statewide Fire or Ambulance Task Force activations.

- Monitor Emergency Management Network (EMnet) for critical warnings & alerts and notify appropriate personnel when required.

- Notify designated agencies with critical information during an Amber Alert and monitor the status of the alert until closed by the Massachusetts State Police.

- Operate the Health & Homeland Alert Network (HHAN) automated notification system and additional automated public alerting systems including but not limited to Ping 4.

- Monitor Aircraft Emergencies statewide and make notifications as required.

- Prepare, store, revise, maintain and edit electronic log and various databases using computer equipment and various programs (documents and materials included) to generate reports. Maintain action records or logs of information such as messages received and transmitted.

- Apply knowledge of agency policies, procedures, and practices acquired through successful completion of required agency training.

- Respond to inquiries from the general public and other local, state, federal, private and voluntary agencies and take necessary action if required.

- Monitor closed circuit video system for building security and checking in and out personnel after hours.

- May be asked to assist with providing on-the?job training.

- Confer with agency staff, State, Local, Federal and other Agencies in order to exchange communications information and resolve problems.


Required work experience: At least two years full-time or equivalent part-time, professional or technical experience in the operation of radio receiving and transmitting equipment to receive and transmit law enforcement and emergency communications.

Educational substitutions:
? An Associate?s or higher degree in communications, communications technology or telecommunications may be substituted for the required experience on the basis of two years of education for one year of experience.
? One year of education equals 30 semester hours. Education toward a degree or diploma will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.

? A current and valid Radiotelephone First Class Operator?s license issued by the Federal Communications Commission.
? Successful completion of state authorized 911 course.
? Successful completion of an approved emergency medical dispatch course.
? Based on assignment, a current and valid Massachusetts Class D Motor Vehicle Operator?s license may be required.

Preferred Qualifications:

- Five years experience dispatching at emergency management or public safety agency.

- Proven experience and ability in using radio/communications systems, computer systems and advanced software applications.


This is a Civil Service position.

For Union Positions:

Please note that salaries for union positions are determined according to the provisions of the respective collective bargaining agreement.

License Requirement: Please note the FCC no longer issues Radiotelephone First Class Operator's License, so this is NOT a requirement.

Site link:For the full job application please click here.
Job ID:34266


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