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Police Recruitment : Job Details

Assistant Chief Investigator

Police Force:Division Of Professional Licensure, Massachusetts
Location:The Division of Professional Licensure is located at 1000 Washington Street in Boston's South End and is easily accessible by MBTA (Red, Orange or Silver lines).
Salary:$41,017.08 to $85,000.00 Annually

Assistant Chief Investigator

Program Manager VI
Agency Name:Division Of Professional Licensure
Official Title:Program Manager VI
Functional Title:Assistant Chief Investigator
Occupational Group:Not Used
Position Type:Non-Civil Service
Full-Time or Part-Time:Full-Time
Salary Range:$41,017.08 to $85,000.00 Annually
Bargaining Unit:M99
Number Of Vacancies:1
Facility Location:The Division of Professional Licensure is located at 1000 Washington Street in Boston's South End and is easily accessible by MBTA (Red, Orange or Silver lines).
Application Deadline:12-15-2013
Apply Online:No
Posting ID:J38514

This position is funded from trust funds collected from various sources.

The Division of Professional Licensure is mandated by Massachusetts General Law to protect the public health and safety of the citizens of the Commonwealth. In accordance with Massachusetts law, the Division?s mission is to license qualified professionals who provide services to consumers, and to ensure the integrity of the professions through the fair and consistent enforcement of the rules and regulations of the 31 boards of registration and Division of Professional Licensure Office of Private Occupational School Education (?Occupational Schools?) within the Division. A board or occupational school licensee who engages in professional misconduct or who is negligent may face license suspension or revocation following an adjudicatory hearing conducted by the board.

The Assistant Chief Investigator is responsible for assisting in managing the effective daily operations of the Investigative Unit which services the 31 professional and occupational regulatory boards or office of occupational schools within the division. In the absence of the Chief Investigator, the Assistant Chief directs the Investigative Unit. The 31 boards and Occupational Schools regulate over 50 trades and professions and license more than 370,000 professionals, trades-people and businesses in the Commonwealth. These board licensees have millions of interactions with customers every day. The Investigative Unit receives approximately 3,000 consumer complaints and performs 10,000 business inspections annually. By administering the Division?s priority system for complain management and supervising the investigations and inspections which comprise the boards? enforcement programs, the Assistant Chief contributes meaningfully to the fulfillment of the Division?s goals. The Assistant Chief coordinates enforcement priorities with the relevant trade boards, assigns and reviews cases, services on a substantive resource on questions of law or practice, trains staff, and conduct conferences and interviews.

Specific duties include:

Assists Chief Investigator in overseeing the daily operation of the Investigative Unit.
? Participates in formulating investigative policies and procedures for efficient investigation of consumer complaints.
? Recommends standardized board procedures for handling complaints
? Supervises case management and case tracking procedures.
? Coordinates investigative efforts of field and office staff with the needs of the Legal Unit, Office of Prosecution, and Boards.
? Assigns and reviews all investigations involving commercial boards of registration.
? Manages Division priority policy assuring that most serious cases are handled expeditiously.

Assists Chief and Investigator Supervisors in Administration of human resource functions for Investigative Unit
? Conducts performance evaluations, provides positive feedback and progressive as needed to meet the Division?s goals
? Ensures that Investigative Unit staff are properly trained
? Trains supervisors to plan for depth and breadth of staffing needs, recruitment procedures, sick leave monitoring etc.
? Recommends promotions, layoffs, demotions etc. to the Chief
? Directly supervises the office Manager who guides the work of the Administrative Assistants
? Directs Investigative Unit in the absence of the Chief Investigator.

Assists in the direction of the Division Inspectional Programs
? Recommends assignment of resources strategically to maximize field presence and meet regulatory objectives, ensure safe construction in state buildings, determine the origin of life threatening fires, and ensure sanitary standards are observed in regulated premises.
? Implements Division goals regarding interagency cooperation in areas such as insurance fraud, unlicensed practice, public safety and construction with agencies such as the Attorney General, U.S Attorney, local District Attorneys, State Police, Department of Public Health (DPH), Department of Public Safety (DPS) etc.
? Under the direction of the Chief Investigator, attend meetings and implement information sharing policies.
? Develops and recommends initiatives in policy or administrative action to improve the functioning of the Division, boards, or units within the Division.

Assists the Chief Investigator in representing the Investigative Unit at public and professional meetings, lectures etc.
? The Assistant Chief Investigator must present the role and function of the Division in a manner which improves public awareness of the boards and the Division.
? Conducts outreach and attends seminars to increase knowledge and understanding of law enforcement, licensing and the practice of the professions regulated by the Division.

Director of Board Relations:
? Serves as a liaison between consumers and the boards on disciplinary and investigative matters.

Director of Constituent and Client Services for Investigative Matters:
? Responds to inquiries from the Governor?s Office, the Legislature, other agencies, complaining parties, licensees and others regarding any disciplinary or investigative matter.

Director of Special Investigations:
? Supervises the highest profile disciplinary cases initiated by any of the Division?s boards. The Assistant Chief will by-pass typical reporting systems and report directly to the Agency Director on these matters.

Director of Special Enforcement Projects:
? Supervises ?sting? operations to determine whether licensees comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Liaison to Cities and Town Governments:
? The Division interacts with cities and towns on numerous licensing issues.

Other Duties as Assigned.



Applicants must have at least (A) five years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, supervisory or managerial experience in business administration, business management, or public administration.


Preferred Qualifications:

The Assistant Chief Investigator must have a minimum of five years management experience, which should include experience in supervising, training and evaluating staff.

The Assistant Chief Investigator should be familiar with the laws, rules, regulations, and standards of practice governing the professions regulated by the licensing boards as well as law enforcement policy and procedure. The Assistant Chief must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of investigative and inspectional techniques and significant experience in the evaluation of these matters. S/he should understand and be able to direct staff to informational resources necessary to the investigation of consumer complaints. The Assistant Chief must have a working knowledge of the Courts of the Commonwealth.

The Assistant Chief Investigator must have strong communication skills, both verbal and written, and be comfortable speaking in public. S/he should also have strong management skills and be able to motivate, train and lead subordinates. Experience in human resources issues with an understanding of Commonwealth personnel and budget policies and procedures is preferred. The Assistant Chief should also have knowledge of, and experience in the areas of process improvement, systems dynamics and systems re-engineering, case load monitoring and proficiency with organizational and demonstrative tools to organize information, prepare charts, etc.

The Assistant Chief must respond positively to criticism and direction in a constructive and non-adversarial manner and be able to place the good of the Division above personal considerations.

The Assistant Chief Investigator should possess a degree in Law, Public Management, or Criminal Justice (or equivalent degree). The Assistant Chief Investigator would also have experience in law enforcement or administrative law with extensive management experience in state, local, or federal government.


An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Females, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Site link:For the full job application please click here.
Job ID:34133


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