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Police Recruitment : Job Details

Police Officer

Police Force:City of Salinas
Location:Central Coast
Salary:$5,877.00 - $7,501.00 Monthly
Close Date: Dec 23, 2013
Salary: $5,877.00 - $7,501.00 Monthly

City of Salinas Employment Opportunity



Salary: $5,877 - $7,501 Monthly

Plus Generous Benefits

DEADLINE: Open Until Filled

Apply on-line at: Member City: City of Salinas

This recruitment will close when a sufficient number of qualified applications have been received. Please have all required documents attached to your calopps application. Fax or email attachments will be accepted by the close of the recruitment. All applications must be submitted through

A copy of a valid POST Certificate and proof of Physical Agility (if relevant) are required with a completed calopps application by the closing of this recruitment. Calopps will only allow for a single PDF upload. This recruitment will be used to establish an eligible list for current and future vacancies, there are currently three vacancies.

THE CITY: SALINAS is a dynamic community of over 150,000 located in the heart of the Monterey Bay Region on U.S. Highway 101 approximately 100 miles south of San Francisco, 15 miles east of the City of Monterey and 8 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean.

THE DEPARTMENT: The Salinas Police Department has an authorized staff of 155 sworn and 51 non-sworn personnel, with an annual budget of $39 million. The Department is responsible for providing a full range of crime prevention and law enforcement services to a diverse community of over 150,000 residents. The Department responds to an average of 8,700 calls for service each month, utilizing a community oriented service approach.

THE POSITION: Becoming a City of Salinas Police Officer represents an outstanding employment opportunity for dedicated and career-minded men and women. The City offers a competitive salary and excellent paid benefits. The City of Salinas Police operates on a Ten Plan (Patrol has rotating weekends off). Officers dictate reports into a 24-hour word processing unit. A variety of specialized assignments are available to include SWAT, traffic, criminal street gang investigations, narcotic investigations, general investigations, crime scene investigations, field training, hostage negotiations, computer forensics and canine handling. Some special assignments include a 5% of base monthly salary increase.

APPLICATION AND TESTING PROCESS: Only those applicants with that meet the minimum qualification will be invited to the Department interview. All correspondence will be sent via email. At the conclusion of the interview, you will receive background information that will need to be completed as soon as possible.

If you need additional assistance, contact Sgt. John Murray at (831)758-7164. Recruitment/testing questions can be addressed to Sylvia Enriquez in Human Resources at (831)758-7259 or


• SBRPSTC Physical Agility Certificate must accompany application. Physical agility certificates from other California law enforcement agencies may be accepted. CDC certificates will not be accepted. A Physical Agility Certificate is not required if graduation from the academy is within 12 months at time of application.

• Applicant must include a valid copy of POST certificate with application.

• POST must remain valid by appointment date.

• Applicant must have a High School diploma or GED.

• Applicant must be 20½ at time of application and 21 years of age at time of appointment to Police Officer.

• Must be a U.S. citizen or have applied for citizenship before application for Police Officer.

• Valid California Driver's License.

• Vision of 20/100 corrected to 20/30 in each eye and normal color acuity.

• Bilingual (English/Spanish) skills are highly desirable.

A recent physical agility examination is required. If applicable, you may contact The South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium to schedule the physical agility examination. Contact South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Consortium at

The physical agility exam will consist of the following Work Sample Test Battery (WSTB):

a. 99 yard obstacle course

b. 165 lb Body Drag

c. Chain Link Fence Climb

d. Solid Wall Climb

e. 500 Yard Run

d. 1.5 Mile Run

APPOINTMENTS: Prior to appointment, all candidates must successfully complete a background investigation, medical examination, drug & alcohol screening test, polygraph and psychological exam. Candidates must meet the department's pre-employment policy regarding illegal use or possession of drugs. The City reserves the right to use alternate testing procedures if deemed necessary. Police Recruits have a probationary period of eighteen (18) months. Starting salary for Lateral Officers is determined with consideration to his or her current salary.

DRUG & ALCOHOL TESTING POLICY: Candidates offered employment must pass a pre-placement medical exam, which includes a drug and alcohol-screening test, prior to final appointment. Hiring decisions may be based upon the results of the pre-employment drug and alcohol screening. Positive samples are retained for 90 days from the date of notification. Applicants with a positive result must notify the City in writing prior to expiration of the 90 days to request retention beyond the 90 day period. A copy of the City's Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy is available upon request. 12/04/13se.


BIENNIAL PHYSICAL: City-paid Biennial Physical Exam (once every two years). Employees 40 and over are eligible for a physical exam every 18 months.

HEALTH INSURANCE: The City pays 100% for CalPERS PORAC Health plan, Assurant Dental and Medical Eye Services for employee and eligible dependents. Other PERS Health coverage may be available depending upon your residence; however, the City will only contribute the premium amount equal to the CalPERS PORAC.

PREMIUM PAYS 2.5% of base salary for employees who have attained a P.O.S.T Intermediate Certificate and are at the top step of his/her salary range. 5.0% of base salary for employees who have attained a P.O.S.T Advanced Certificate and are at the top step of his/her salary range.

ANNUAL LEAVE: Accrued at a rate of 22 days per year for the first five years; 27 days through 10 years, with additional longevity increases.

HOLIDAYS: Twelve days per year and one floating holiday (unless employee elects to use 10 per year as furlough).


Membership in the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS)

• New Employees: 2.7% at age 57 Employees hired after January 1, 2013 new to CalPERS

• Classic Employees: Tier 2 = 3.0% at age 55 Employees hired after July 1, 2011

• Employee does not participate in Social Security

• Employee pays 1.45% of gross salary for Medicare

FURLOUGH: Employee pays 6.3% of base salary towards a furlough (132-hours per year).

LONG-TERM DISABILITY: Private long-term disability plan for job related or non-job related disability.

DEFERRED COMPENSATION: Employees may elect to enroll in one of two plans.

UNIFORM ALLOWANCE: $1,200 per year. Employees will receive their allotment on a monthly basis.

FITNESS/WELLNESS PROGRAM: Physical fitness incentive program up to $1,000 per year.

BILINGUAL PAY: 5% of base salary for employees holding designated positions and who qualify through testing procedures.


For a complete list of benefits, visit and review the MOU for Police Officer Association.

This recruitment is open until filled and may close at any time without notice.

The City of Salinas Encourages Workforce Diversity and is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Apply on-line at: Member City: City of Salinas

ClosingDate:Mon, 23 Dec 2013 5:00 PM PST
Site link:For the full job application please click here.
Job ID:34117


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