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Police Recruitment : Job Details

Communications Representative 9-P11 - Public Affairs

Police Force:State Police
Salary:$17.98 - $29.26 hourly $1,438.40 - $2,340.80 biweekly
Job #:5501-1408-LRM
Job Title:Communications Representative 9-P11 - Public Affairs
Closing Date/Time:Thu. 11/21/13 5:00 PM Eastern Time
Salary:$17.98 - $29.26 hourly
$1,438.40 - $2,340.80 biweekly
Job Type:Permanent Full Time
Location:Lansing, Michigan
Department:State Police

This position is responsible for facilitating external electronic communications through the development of web pages, graphics, videos, and the design of publications and other marketing materials to promote Michigan State Police (MSP) programs, ensure consistency of message, and advance favorable attitudes toward the department. This position plays an important role in the department's public affairs efforts, considering the popularity and effectiveness of visual communications and the reliance on the internet as a primary educational and informational resource.

Position Description
Required Education and Experience:

Possession of a bachelor's degree in English, journalism, communications, broadcasting, telecommunications, advertising, or communication arts.


Communications Representative 9
No specific type or amount is required.

Communications Representative 10
One year of professional experience in preparing and disseminating informational and promotional materials equivalent to a Communications Representative 9.

Communications Representative P11
Two years of professional experience in preparing and disseminating informational and promotional materials equivalent to a Communications Representative, including one year equivalent to a Communications Representative 10.

Alternate Education and Experience:

Additional Requirements and Information:

This position requires passing a pre-employment screening, including passing a drug screen, criminal history background check and a fingerprint check by the Michigan State Police.

Applicants will be screened on the following criteria:

  • Strong written communication skills as demonstrated in the attached cover letter and resume
  • Proficiency in web design programs
  • Proficiency in graphic design
  • Previous professional experience and/or formal training in photography
Prior web and graphic design and photography experience in a professional environment is preferred.

Please attach a resume, cover letter and a copy of your official college transcripts to your application. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.

View the entire job specification at:
ClosingDate:Thu. 11/21/13 5:00 PM Eastern Time
Site link:For the full job application please click here.
Job ID:34002


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