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Police Recruitment : Job Details

DYS Investigator

Police Force:Dept. of Youth Services, Massachusetts
Location:600 Washington Street, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02111
Salary:$38,067.12 to $95,503.40 Annually

DYS Investigator

Administrator V
Agency Name:Dept. of Youth Services
Official Title:Administrator V
Functional Title:DYS Investigator
Occupational Group:Not Used
Position Type:Non-Civil Service
Full-Time or Part-Time:Full-Time
Salary Range:$38,067.12 to $95,503.40 Annually
Bargaining Unit:M99
Number Of Vacancies:2
Facility Location:600 Washington Street, 4th Floor, Boston, MA 02111
Application Deadline:11-26-2013
Apply Online:No
Posting ID:J38376

This position is funded from the Commonwealth's annual operating budget.

The Investigator will report directly to the Director of Investigations, and will be a member of the Legal Unit at DYS. The Investigations team is comprised of a Director, two Investigators, and a Paralegal. The primary responsibility of the Investigator is to perform internal investigations at DYS, including incidents of alleged staff misconduct, assaults on or by juveniles, suicides attempts, contraband, escapes, and violations of laws, regulations and policies. The Investigator will develop a working knowledge of DYS policies, training, procedures and regulations, as well as the laws which impact the work of DYS, such as employment/labor laws, CORI, confidentiality and privacy, and mandatory reporting obligations.

On a daily basis, the Investigator will assist the Director of Investigations in reviewing DYS Serious Incident reports and the Nightly Situation Report to identify what events require investigation by him/her, and which events can be investigated by the Regions in coordination with the Director. The Investigator also will establish and maintain good working relationships with DYS regional personnel to facilitate obtaining information on a regular basis related to the facts needed for investigations and to gain an understanding about how each program, facility, and region operates.

The Director will assign the Investigator to investigate many sensitive and complex serious incidents, and may work with the Director or the other investigator on the most challenging investigations. He/she will perform most of the administrative reviews. The Investigator, like all members of the Legal Unit, must maintain good working relationships with external agencies, such as the Department of Children and Families, the Department of Early Education and Care, and local and state police departments to coordinate interviews, share resources, and consolidate investigations.

This individual will also be responsible for writing detailed reports at the conclusion of all investigations and administrative reviews which he/she conducts. He/she must possess excellent writing skills and organizational habits. DYS Executive Staff, the DYS Human Resources Department, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Human Resources Division, the Office of Children, Youth and Families, and occasionally the Office of the Child Advocate, may rely upon reports prepared by the DYS Investigator in making personnel, policy, and other critical decisions affecting the agency.

The Investigator and other members of the Investigations Unit will attend periodic trainings to improve their investigatory skills, interviewing techniques, evidence collection, and report writing skills, and may be asked periodically to conduct trainings for DYS staff about matters related to DYS investigations.

Both the Investigator and the Director will assist the General Counsel in establishing and updating guidelines for determining when a serious incident is subject to a full investigation rather than an administrative review, and what investigations will be assigned to a designated staff member (e.g., the Director, the Investigator, or the regional staff). Both will provide feedback to the General Counsel, Regional Directors and/or Executive Staff about information learned during the investigations through reports and through more informal means, if appropriate. The Investigator must adhere to established guidelines for completion of investigations, especially when staff are out on paid leave pending investigation results.

The Investigator and Investigative Staff are expected to physically report to the DYS Central Office in Boston as a home base and must be able to travel to any location statewide where a serious incident has occurred or a witness is located to conduct an investigation. The Investigator will be reimbursed for any work-related travel expenses in accordance with state regulations and laws, excluding routine commuting. The Investigator will be expected to be available via cell phone and/or email during reasonable non-work hours should the need arise to consult on a serious incident or matter related to a pending or past investigation. Most, if not all, of the duties explained herein, however, can be performed during routine working hours.

The Investigator must possess sensitivity to the diverse population of juveniles and families DYS serves, as well as the communities in which DYS programs and facilities are located. The Investigator must have a working knowledge of local socio-economic factors, as well as the medical and/or mental health issues involved in the DYS juvenile population. The Investigator must also have a working knowledge of the juvenile court and child welfare system in Massachusetts. Additionally, this individual must be able to comply with prevailing confidentiality rules regarding CORI and HIPPA regulations regarding the confidentiality of medical information. The Investigator must have first-hand familiarity with the mandatory 51A reporting requirements and DCF?s method of investigating those reports.

The Investigator must become familiar with DYS and providers? facilities and community programs statewide and understand the nature of those different environments. The Investigator must fulfill his/her responsibilities in a manner which enables the staff and juveniles within the DYS system to have accountability in a fair system of investigations and their outcomes. The Investigator must be able to follow through on all tasks assigned.

The Investigator position is a full-time management position and is subject to periodic performance evaluations by the Director of Investigations and General Counsel. Any merit pay raises are based on strong performance and subject to budgetary appropriations.



Applicants must have at least (A) five years of full-time, or equivalent part-time, professional, administrative, supervisory or managerial experience in business administration, business management, or public administration and (B) of which at least four years must have been in a supervisory or managerial capacity, or (C) any equivalent combination of the required experience and the substitutions below.


I. A Master's or higher degree with a major in business administration, management, public administration, industrial engineering, industrial psychology, or hospital administration may be substituted for a maximum of one year of the required (A) experience.*

*Education toward such a degree will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.


Preferred Qualifications:

A Bachelor?s Degree is preferred. Prior experience in the field of juvenile justice, human services, or law enforcement is recommended for this position. Candidates must possess a valid, active driver?s license.

The investigator should have at least five (5) years of full-time or equivalent part-time investigation and/or paralegal or law enforcement experience, of which his/her major duties included investigatory, legal, or law enforcement work.


The Department of Youth Services (DYS) under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapters 18A, 119, and 120, is the juvenile justice agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Department?s mission is to protect the public and prevent crime by promoting positive change in the lives of youth committed to the care and custody of DYS.

The goal of DYS is to focus on youths? gradual reintegration back to the community as productive citizens. DYS works in partnership with provider agencies, law enforcement and school officials, families, communities and others to ensure that the services provided by DYS can continue to help make communities better and safer places.

The Youth Services Population:

The average age of a DYS client is 17, but youth served by the agency can range in age from pre-adolescent to age 21. DYS youth may be found delinquent for a broad range of crimes, including violent offenses, drug offenses, or non-violent property offenses. Many DYS youth have special education needs, have a history of foster care placement, and/or have mental health issues. DYS operates 84 programs, including 56 facilities which range from staff secure group homes to highly secure locked units, and 28 programs to service youth who live in the community (e.g., residing with a parent, guardian, foster parent or residing in an independent living program). DYS strives to develop interventions that build knowledge, develop skills, and promote positive change in the behavior of youth in DYS care and custody.

Transportation Requirement: Valid Mass Driver's License. Must have reliable transportation.
Candidate must be flexible.
Minimum Age Requirement: 21 years
Employment is contingent on a Background check.

Pre-Employment Requirements: Candidates must pass a pre-employment screening which includes: 1) Drug Screening; 2) Psychological Screening; 3) Medical Examination; and 4) Physical Abilities Test (PAT) for direct care positions. If you would like more information, please logon to the DYS website to access detailed information on the Pre-Employment process.

A criminal and tax history background check will be completed on the recommended candidate as required by the regulations set forth by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services prior to the candidate being hired. For more information, please visit
and click on "Information for Job Applicants."

Site link:For the full job application please click here.
Job ID:33979


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