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Police Recruitment : Job Details

Police Officer

Police Force:City of Citrus Heights
Location:Sacramento/Metro Area
Salary:$30.49 - $36.59 Hourly
Close Date: Continuous
Salary: $30.49 - $36.59 Hourly

The Department

Working at the Citrus Heights Police Department is all about character. Our reputation and ability to effectively serve is built on the words, actions, and habits of our people. As a new organization, we have deliberately constructed a character-based culture as the foundation of a premier professional police agency.

At CHPD, we have created something out of the ordinary. The Citrus Heights Police Department is the place for you if you seek a destiny of excellence surrounded by professionals of high character. This is our mission. Do you have what it takes? Then join us … at CHPD, it’s all about character.

The Position

Police Officers provide a wide variety of law enforcement services to the community. We are actively seeking Police Officers who are committed to the vision of pioneering a new way of policing. Citrus Heights envisions an operation in which the line patrol officers enjoy communicating and building relationships with individuals in the community. We want to take the overused, and often under implemented, concept of "community policing" to the next tier. We envision true community connection and commitment with engaged stakeholders on all sides. In Citrus Heights, all police staff members will have proactive community policing responsibility. In addition, the major thoroughfares coursing through our fully developed community make traffic management a vital duty of all patrol officers. Overall, the department will have strong generalists with opportunities for special assignments, including: patrol, investigations, school resource officers, K9, SWAT and critical-incident teams, and others. Officers have the ability to earn up to an additional 5% as a Detective – retaining the additional pay once the assignment is complete. The probationary period for this position is 18 months.

Ideal Candidate:

You are an ideal candidate if you are seeking a character-based agency, and have these attributes:

•Ability to interpret, apply and make decisions based on applicable federal, state and local laws, policies and regulations.

•Experienced in law enforcement programs including patrol, investigations, interrogation and special operations.

•Motivated to make a difference in the community through a commitment to professional law enforcement practices.

•Possess excellent communication and collaboration skills.

•Ability to recognize and apply alternative solutions to problems and make legal, logical and critical decisions in emergencies while working in a stressful environment.

•Have a service orientation with an understanding of community-oriented policing.

•Think clearly and act quickly and decisively in emergency situations, while remaining calm.

•Focus work effort to carry out the City’s Customer Service philosophy of actively listening, addressing customer concerns, and providing services at a level that exceeds customer expectations.

•Thrive in a team environment that encourages cooperation, communication, and mutual sharing of risk, responsibility, and reward.

•Identify and generate “a better way of doing things” by viewing issues or problems as opportunities versus obstacles.

•Treat all individuals encountered, equally and with respect, basing actions on honor and ethics.


Minimum Qualifications
Site link:For the full job application please click here.
Job ID:33764


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