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Police Recruitment : Job Details

Mental Health Worker II

Police Force:Dept. of Mental Health, Massachusetts
Location:Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center
Salary:$30,853.42 to $39,842.14 Annually

Mental Health Worker II

Mental Health Worker II
Agency Name:Dept. of Mental Health
Official Title:Mental Health Worker II
Functional Title:Mental Health Worker II
Occupational Group:Medical Asst & Pers Svcs
Position Type:Non-Civil Service
Full-Time or Part-Time:Full-Time
Salary Range:$30,853.42 to $39,842.14 Annually
Bargaining Unit:02
Number Of Vacancies:1
Facility Location:Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center
Application Deadline:10-29-2013
Apply Online:Yes
Posting ID:J37924

This position is funded from the Commonwealth's annual operating budget.

Provide programmatic direct care services to clients, assists in the implementation of rehabilitative behavior and recreational programs, performs client related housekeeping duties, attends client review meetings, accompanies clients to various appointments, provides leisure activities to clients and performs related work as required.

1. Completes MHW admission information on clients by interviewing, orienting and documenting the information on the appropriate forms and communicating priorities to the appropriate people in order that care can be delivered.
a. Completes all MHW admission forms, vital signs and weights, documents within MHIS
b. Conducts searches of client?s belongings, removes sharps and contraband, e.g. razors, matches, according to Policy and Procedures

2. Contributes to effective interpersonal and community relations to ensure the quality of client?s care and to promote the image of Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center.
a. Maintains clients? privacy and confidentiality at all times.
b. Communicates in a courteous manner to clients, families, visitors and hospital personnel

3. Completes assigned coverage and other duties on a daily schedule according to hospital policy in order that a safe and therapeutic environment is maintained.
a. Staff ID badge must be worn and visible at all times while in the building
b. Staff will remain at designated areas as assigned until appropriately relieved
c. Adheres to policies, rules and regulations of the facility and inpatient units
d. Engages with clients and communicates clinical priorities/observations to licensed staff
e. Demonstrates the ability to work cooperatively and effectively with others
f. Escorts clients to meals, medical appointments and other hospital related activities and remains with client at all times

4. Intervene in managing crisis situations by utilizing hospital polices and procedures to promote the least restrictive alternative to ensure optimal client/staff safety.
a. Responds to emergencies as necessary e.g. emergency alarm, telephone calls and paging
b. Demonstrates knowledge of C.A.R.E. strategies for de-escalation and the ability to utilize same
c. Demonstrates skill in the care of patients in Restraint and Seclusion

5. Maintains a safe, clean and comfortable environment, which complies with accrediting and licensing regulations to protect the client?s privacy and dignity.
a. Implements safety procedures as required by policy and procedure
b. Demonstrates and implements emergency procedures, fire drill protocol and evacuation plans as per policy
c. Accepts reassignment to other units when deemed necessary

7. Other duties as assigned


MINIMUM ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must have at least (A) one year of full-time or equivalent part-time experience in providing direct care service to the mentally ill, emotionally or physically handicapped, or (B) any equivalent combination of the required experience and the substitutions below.


I. An Associate's degree or higher with a major in psychology, human services, mental health or retardation may be substituted for the required experience.*

*Education toward such a degree will be prorated on the basis of the proportion of the requirements actually completed.

Preferred Qualifications:

a. Knowledge of the English Language
b. Ability to follow written and oral instructions
c. Ability to gather information through observing and interviewing skills
d. Ability to communicate effectively
e. Ability to interact with people who are under physical and/or emotional stress
f. Ability to work in a team setting and in group situations
g. Ability to establish rapport and deal tactfully with persons from varied ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds.
h. Ability to write clearly and concisely
i. Ability to maintain accurate records
j. Ability to exercise sound judgment and to maintain a calm manner in emergency situations
k. Ability to understand and apply the rules, policies and procedures, and guidelines governing the facility/unit
l. Sensitivity to feelings and problems of persons who are mentally/physically ill
m. Knowledge of care in handling and treatment of the mentally ill client
n. Ability to lift and carry heavy objects or persons.


Full time position

Hours: 2:45pm to 11:15pm
Days off:
First week: Monday and Saturday
Second week: Sunday and Thursday

A criminal background check will be completed on the recommended candidate as required by the regulations set forth by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services prior to the candidate being hired. For more information, please visit, and click on ?Information for Job Applicants?

This is a Civil Service position.
As applicable, preference for this position will be given to those candidates who are eligible for Civil Service/Con Test Reinstatement/Reemployment or to those candidates who have passed the civil service examination for this job title, and who respond to the job certification that was recently issued for this location and/or to employees laid off or bumped from this title who are eligible for recall, and in accordance with Article 14 or applicable Collective Bargaining requirements.

Site link:For the full job application please click here.
Job ID:33667


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